Monday, October 4, 2010

Soundly Slammed - Accident, or Murder?

 A terrible loss occurred this afternoon when St Pat's student, Kaylah Fox, tragically destroyed her own headphones in her car door, although it's not so certain whether this loss was an accident or a crime.
News of the incident first appeared on Facebook in Kaylah's status update stating, 'broke headphones, this is a new record', evoking many sympathetic responses from friends.
Upon questioning about the nature of the accident, Fox stated that 'I was getting into the car with great speed because I had to work and my headphones got around the car door handle and jerked me back effectively screwing them up.'

But senior detective Adrian Smith wasn't as sympathetic. 'I felt that this was no accident, you could see from the damage to the door and the headphones that something wasn't quite right, the story didn't match the scene. Forensics shows that the damage done to the headphones was clearly crush damage, which doesn't match her (Fox's) story at all.'

Fox was taken into custody on suspicion of murder, where her story miraculously changed. Upon further questioning about the headphones Fox reportedly stated that 'it sucks that i actually liked them', while in an interview immediately following the accident Fox stated that 'I don't know if I had them long enough to miss them as much as I should'.

Such contradiction aroused the suspicions of Detective Smith even further, 'I wasn't happy with such a turn around in attitude,' he stated, 'especially now that she (Fox) knows that we're suspicious of her.'

Fox was initially charged with murder, but her charge was then reduced to manslaughter due to criminal negligence. She will serve a sentence of no headphones until she pays a replacement fine.


  1. lol nice report, now someone should try to solve the case of the cat chewed ear buds.

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