Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michael Jackson Comes Out of Hiding - Announces New Comeback Tour

Previously believed dead, Michael Jackson has made an appearance to media today from his home in Neverland Ranch, California, announcing another comeback tour and saying that his death was merely a stunt.
'I was sick of all the attention', said the pop star, 'but I've had some time to recuperate and deal with some medical issues of mine and I'm ready to start performing again'.
Michael Jackson also apologized for any anxiety he may have caused over his death.

There has been consideration that Michael's apparent death was s means of evading tax, and the amount of debt the formerly affluent pop star had accumulated. Financial analyst Robert Johnson stated 'By now all of Michael Jackson's insurance and benefits would have been paid out, it would be very difficult for any debt collectors to take a sum of money this large back, but believe me, they'll try.'
Pop Star Michael Jackson in his home at Neverland Ranch, California

The star's attorney, Peter Lopez, commented on the state of his financial affairs prior to the star's 'death';
'There is talk that Michael was suffering financially and that this 'death affair' was a means of avoiding these problems, but I assure you that these recent events were merely used by Michael so that he could rest and deal with his medical conditions without the constant worry of public scrutiny and invasion of privacy.'

Celebrity analyst Brandon McAlister speculates that 'Michael may be using this as a publicity stunt; he got everyone excited for a comeback tour only to let them down, now everybody will be desperate to see more of Michael when he "comes back", and you can't forget the millions made on the tribute to MJ DVDs and CDs they all sold'

The dates for the New Comeback Tour are yet to be released, but in a statement issued this morning Michael suggested that he may begin touring as early as February 2011, claiming to have begun rehearsals in secret earlier this year.

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  1. So his death was all just a huge publicity stunt? I believe it!