Thursday, September 30, 2010

Winner of Most Awesome Competition Announced

NewsLine graphical designer Myles Cooley has been named 'Most Awesome Contributor' to the blog after being nominated for the competition by the only other entrant and judge of the comp, NewsLine founder Liam Breen.

Competition winner Myles Cooley
'Well we were just talking on facebook', stated Mr. Breen in a press conference earlier today  'When Myles suggested that he could do some photoshop for the site background, I jumped on the opportunity and look how the site looks now.'

For winning the competition Myles was awarded 10 brownie points by founder Liam Breen, and will have one whole article dedicated to his winning of the Most Awesome Contributor competition.

Despite the competition results being agreed upon unanimously by the judge, other entrants to the competition feel that the results were unfair, and that Cooley had an advantage due to his relationship with the competition judge. Entrant Liam Breen commented 'Well i know that Myles is a close friend of the judge's, they often talk on MSN messenger and are friends on facebook, having no such interactions with the judge, I feel that there is some bias involved here, considering I've done two whole articles and Myles has only done one background'

Responding to this statement, Judge and founder Liam Breen told the entrant that he can 'Stop being such a queer', and 'Try adding some content that is actually interesting'. Mr. Breen defended Mr. Cooley's contributions saying that 'This guy has made this site look very professional and I am very thankful, not only did he make the background you can see today, but he was a key consultant in the colour scheme and layout'

Myles works can be found here


  1. lold at "stop being such a queer"

    the more you know! thanks for the post!

  2. That's pretty sweet, I also laughed at the "stop being such a queer" comment, probably shouldn't have/.

  3. It's like an indie version of the onion. I love it.

  4. thats some most awesome news...

  5. Nice man lol, keep up the posts...entertaining.